Is this speaker wiring correct? PICS

I wired 2 16 ohm speakers in parallel in my 2x12 Marshall combo. The speakers sounded fine and worked great for a couple of weeks and then I started getting a weird volume fluctuation in my amp and after playing for about 5 minutes it would just drop to a whisper and produce a weird fizzy tone. I thought it was my amp as I had a lot of issues with this amp in the past, but I plugged another amp head into this cab and it was doing the same thing. So I disconnected one of the speakers and both amps seem to be working fine now.

So .. I thought I wired these up correctly, I even double-checked with someone on this forum who game me the thumbs up, but obviously something is wrong. Like I said I need to wire them parallel for the 8 ohm load. Can you guys take a look at this? Thanks.

Btw, you can't see but the red and blue wires are going from positive to positive and negative to negative, respectively.

[/URL][/IMG] [/IMG]


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looks like it is wired correctly in parallel. have you tried each speaker individually? the second speaker (left in the photo) has some pretty thin wire, this probably wouldn't cause the problem but it doesn't help either.


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Looks okay from the pictures........ just make sure the crimp connectors on the speaker terminals are all tight.
Also, open up the jack that the speakers are hooked up to.....there might be a wire shorting out in it.

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