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Is your Strat thirsty?


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I have a 56 Relic (maple neck) Strat that seemed to have developed a fret problem. The ultra dry air this winter (30% humidity) has caused the neck to shrink and the fret ends are poking out. I have a humidifier on the furnace but it's been way cold this winter. I have had issues in the past with acoustic but never an electric.

To solve the issue I took a normal sponge (new) and soaked it. I placed in a aluminum foil boat and placed it in the case under the neck area. I closed up the case and gave it 3 days. When I opened the case the frets were perfect. In fact better then ever. I guess that guitar was plenty thirsty eh?

So if you have some frets sticking out give it a drink.


Good to know. Heck, I always took a file and filed the edges down. Kind of crude but never harmed the finish. I'll try your fix next time.

Glowing Tubes

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Filing the frets down is the best way to assure that doesn't happen every time the guitar gets dry, but that is a good "quick fix" of the problem if you cant.


If your neck has dried out because of lack of humidity, it needs to be humidified. 50% humidity would be appropriate for guitars in the dry winter months. If you file the frets and the necks dries out later on, you may not notice and the wood could eventually crack. It may not be a common thing but wood is wood.


61 is right. First, purchase a hygrometer so you can measure the humidity. $15 for a digital one is all you need. Next, get yourself a whole house humidifier. I got one at Walmart for <$75. I've been keeping the humidity in my house between 40-45%. (It takes about a gallon of water per day to accomplish this). Anymore and the windows get condensation and the Mrs. yells. Unlike last winter, when I had the fret probs you have, this year all my guits are happy. And so are the people in the house - no more static electricity, dry itchy skin, etc. It's healthy all around.

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