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iso advice on smaller gigging amp


I currently use a borrowed Park 1x10 SS amp.

Any recomendations on a smaller amp for giggin (will be smaller bars n clubs, mic'd amp) with a singing clean tone? I use pedals for my dirt sounds so I don't have use for a drive channel. Spring reverb would be nice too.
Also I'm on about as tight a budget as you can imagine. Meaning it will most likely take me a couple months to just save up 3-500 bucks for the amp.

Anyone know of a cheaply priced tube or SS amp with a great clean tone and hopefully effects loop? a 1xWhatever combo would be preferred.


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Look into the smaller Riveras. Good amps with good clean tones. I've seen Hundred Duo 12's go for as low as 5-$600. It's a bit higher price than you wanted but it would smoke anything new in that price range.


Man, laugh if you will, check out a Fender Super Champ XD, around $300 shipped, 2 great channels, or just use the BF side and the digi-reverb in it, not bad either! I'd gig this amp. A breeze to carry and gets plenty loud enough too! And for around $300 bones, easy to replace! Plus you get a 2nd great channle for some dirt too!


You can easily pick up a used Fender Hot Rod Deluxe for $300 - it's likely the best-selling tube amp of all time and there's a reason for it.

It has what you're looking for - great clean sounds, reverb, and an effects loop.

If you're looking for something smaller, the Fender Blues Jr. is a good option.

Jim L

For that $$, look into the Peavey Classic series. I had a Delta Blues (1x15) that had very nice clean tone with my Heritage 535. I never used the effects loop, but it had one. The reverb was nothing special, but I've yet to find really nice 'verb in that price range.

I've seen some guys get nice tone from Blues Jrs, and if you're willing to mic it, you can likely keep the amp clean, as long as you point it towards yourself and/or have it up on a chair acting as your own monitor.

What guitars are you likely to play thru it? I may be in the minority, but I think many amps tend to "like" buckers more than singles or vice versa.

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