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It had to happen - The UnRelic


A year or so ago I bought this off eBay for around $400.

I pretty much got what I paid for, I liked the TV Jones and Bigsby but (IMHO) the heavy relic job impeded the playability somewhat. I decided to 'un-relic' it and try to turn it into something better (or more suited to my taste). The body needed a lot of work after I stripped it down. I routed the neck pickup to fit another TV Jones and filled and finished the body in Lake Placid Blue. I had to hand cut another pickguard and bought a new Warmoth neck (with a '59 Les Paul carve). I upgraded the Bigsby from a B50 to a B5 (and yes, the mounting holes are not the same) and dropped two Filterons in. It also has a roller bridge now. I have to say, I'm happy with the result. The neck pocket is still a little loose, the pickguard is not perfect, and the finish has a couple of flaws, but it is much better tonally and playability-wise. It was a lot of work but worth it.


Senior Member
I love what you did to that tele. Great color and hardware change. If it plays as good as it looks, you have one nice tele there. BTW - nice pickup choice. Have seen those in some Gretsch guitars and they have some major chime. Bet it would sound great through a Fender or Vox amp.


Silver Supporting Member
Congratulations on your "UnRelic Tele", you did an excellent job! It definitely has that cool factor...

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