It sucks, but it's the best I can do


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Good work Ricky. I like it. You have great ideas!


Good effort Ricky!

I'd let the notes ring and sustain more at times. Your phrasing was a tad stuttery on the note decays. Also, work on your bending intonation. It was quite out of tune. Maybe try heavier strings. I am a huge proponent of using at least 11 gauge on styles like this. It is hard to be in tune on this stuff with 9 gauge. Especially live when you are in the moment.....

Other than that, you had good ideas and melodic contour.



Thanks for the advice!
I noticed alot more mistakes after listening for the things you pointed out.

Part of it just has to do with the fact that my chops aren't all that great, and also because I had to use my old guitar that I'm no longer used to because my main guitar is getting some fretwork done.


What Scott said, not that I could do much better myself though (especially at 14!)

Maybe add in a little vibrato as well when you sustain notes? Back in the day I hated to let notes sustain because I felt my tone was bad and it just sounded naked hanging out there... took me awhile to realize that's not a good reason to wank all over a track and destroy it :| (sometimes I think I'm still like that..)


I do dig rock and blues, but id also love to be ABLE to play some jazz, fusion, and stuff like that. I'm studying jazz with my guitar teacher, but Im having a really hard time applying what im learning into my own type of music.
My blues influences are Stevie Ray Vaughan(not original, i know), Robben Ford, John Mayer(don't laugh, I really dig his blues stuff though), and Eric Clapton's live stuff.
I love blues, but I feel trapped when I play it. I feel like I just move in and out of boxes, and I want to be able to play the whole guitar.
Just as far as the guitar goes, some of my favorites are, Brad Paisley, Joe Satriani, Hendrix, Santana, and John Petrucci. There's more, but that gives you a basic idea.
The big problem, is the music I hear in my head, what I want to be able to do, My chops are sooooo far from what they would need to be in order to do that kind of stuff.
Joe is one of my favorite players, but his music is way out of reach for me to try and use in my own playing.


Not bad for 14. Sounds like your using a Digitech pedal of some sort. I am guessing an RP50?

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