It's about time, I guess


I've been a member for 5 or 6 years, so maybe I should introduce myself and get involved. Just bought a Strymon Deco from a nice fellow in Canada, eh. So I'm a guitar guy-unique, huh? I'm not a blazing soloist, more of a rhythm guy with a desire to stretch my capabilities. I've been playing in bands since I was 13-so 50 years. Rock band covers, 50's-90's, semi-professional, locally successful.
Use a Dr. Z EZG 50, also have a Mesa Studio 22. Guitars are Strat, Gibson 339, Epiphone Casino, Gretsch 5120 (upgraded bridge and pups) 80's St. Blues Tele copy, Ibanez AR 85 (which I'm selling) Carvin CS 3 (with upgraded pups) and a Seagull Artist. Various pedals. Have had and sold many, many more over the years ("regrets, I have a few") but still love playing every day, and the occasional gig. Worked in a music store for 30 years, but now I teach history. That's about it; I'm just here to hang out.

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