I've got a busted Vox Wah and want to drop in a mod kit...Whatcha reccomend?


At the shop I work at, we got a new-stock Vox wah. It got returned by customer because it wasn't working. Vox sends us a replacement and says to toss the other. Hmmmmm....sounds like a chance to build a killer wah!!:cool:

I know about the Chicago Ironworks drop in kit and the BYOC kits. I don't really want to solder too much but will if I have to. Any other killer options I'm missing?

Also, anybody you'd recomend to do some kick-butt modding?
I swapped the guts of my VOX Wah with an AREA 51 board with all the options and it is killer. I just added a FOXROX buffer to the Wah and now it sounds killer with my Fuzz and drive pedals.

Great customer service at AREA 51 as well.

Good luck.
Keeley does an awesome vox wah but it's pricey. The Area 51 wah sounds lush, warm and beautiful and the BYOC isn't too bad either.


I'd start with the Area 51 board @ $69. Turned my crappy old Dunlop Crybaby into a killer wah!

While you're in there, might as well swap out the bypass switch for a DP/DT.

Does the stock pot still work? If not, the A-51's damn good too. I've also had good luck with an aftermarket Dunlop HotPotzII.

The V-847's built like a tank & once you get it up & running, you'll have a wah for life!
I love my Parachute Wah.... that being said, it doesn't sound like a Vox, Crybaby or any other wah I've played. It's going to sound much different and needs a big sweep to get the most out of it. I decided to go with their big box housing instead of dropping it in a Vox wah case.

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