I've got to quickly rave about my Ceriatone and Bogner (well kindof)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by Axe-Man, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Axe-Man

    Axe-Man Member

    Aug 23, 2009
    Melbourne, Australia
    I own a few reasonably decent amps and I've been through a bit of stuff in the last couple of years: (AC30, Night Train, 5150, 6262, Soldano, JMP-1 and Sherlock SS preamps, a number of modellers: Eleven Rack, HD300, HD500, X3L, UX2, Dual Recto half stack, Orange TH30 mini stack, Ceriatone Yeti and the latest addition, the Bogner(+L6) Alchemist) and today I was playing through a couple of the survivors and I'd just like to make mention of them.

    The first amp is my Ceriatone Yeti Jose modded 100w Plexi. Straight up, it's a freakin monster of an amp. I'm actually surprised more people aren't getting right onto these amps of Niks and raving about them.

    Yes, we are talking the ability for extreme volume but it has masses of full, fat tones whether it's cranked with ear plugs or playing at loud home volumes.

    Anything from wonderful Marshalleque singing cleans (at gig volumes) or classic rock Plexi stuff through to full on brutality. In 'angry' mode it's so thick and 'crushing' it's just great. That quoted word I don't use lightly.

    I just revel in the experience when I play that amp loud with it's set to kill. Nothing I have found is like it. JVM, SLP, Metropolous, 5150, Megalith, Thunderverb etc The Yeti just has my sound.

    Also of note is my new Bogner Alchemist.

    What a versitile little beast that is. Great Fender cleans but also that splatty classic tweed stuff and the second ch has a really nice clean tone in it's own right. Plus cool bluesy tones through to a fairly decent rock tone (albeit without a great deal of bottom end or saturation).

    I know this amp doesn't get much (if any) love around TGP but it's actually a really nice amp if you approach it as a kind of USA (Fender) meets Britain (Vox/Marshall) concept. Don't expect it to do what it doesn't really want to do and it's cool. I really like it.

    So...I just thought I'd sickeningly gush over these couple of units but ultimately if you are at all like me (I like gain) and if your bag is classic rock to metal and you like the idea of a hand wired boutique amp which is dirt cheap for what you get, and don't mind the classic single channel layout check the Yeti out.
  2. RSRD

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    Nov 13, 2003
    Alexandria, Virginia
    Great stuff Bro. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you are in a good spot with those amps. Keep rocking. I did a lot of amp searching until i got my hands on some bogner amps. Tone monsters.

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