Sold J Designs 1 X 12 Cab, Tone Tubby Hemp Cone


I have a J Designs 1 X 12 Cab up for sale, with an 8 ohm early generation Tone Tubby Alnico Hemp Cone speaker in it.

The cab is covered in faux ostrich in a rusty brown color. The speaker isn't even really broken in yet...perfect condition. The cab is in great shape, minus some minor cat damage (grr!) - see pics. It has never left my smoke and pet free home since I've owned it, with the exception of the time I loaned it to a friend for about a week...his wife had a cat.

Great cab, but I don't have a head anymore to go with it, and I haven't been playing much at all these days. I was keeping it 'just in case' but other projects need funding. I may consider splitting them up, but I'd prefer to sell as a set.

Pics: Cab

Asking $300 Shipped & Paypalled for TGP'ers

Shipping is likely going to be high, but I'll deal with that on my end!

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