J.Rockett DUDE vs Jetter GS 124

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  1. YOGA64

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    Oct 26, 2007
    Has anyone played them side by side?

    What are in your opinion the differences, is it worth having both or are they too much alike?

    I'd be using them with Fender and Gibson guitars into a clean Fender Princeton Reverb amp.

    I'm looking for a pedal that is dynamic, cleans up well with the volume knob, for a jazz-blues-fusion kind of sound.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. dburns

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    Apr 11, 2013
    Was going to start a thread on this as well, but figured I'd just bump this one since it's not that old.

    I'm using and really liking the GS124 side of my Jetter Johnny A pedal, but I'm not really into the Traindrive side. I figure since I don't use the other side (occasionally I do by accident, which is annoying) I should just get the 124 and sell/trade the Johnny A since it's worth more $. That's where The Dude comes in. All the reviews and demos sound great, just not sure which one I'd like better.

    I play Telecasters through a Mark v25. I really like my clean sound, Fat Clean mode with the gain around noon so that it has some hair...not totally clean but clean enough. Then I use the Mark IIC+ mode with the gain close to noon for my high gain sound. I'm liking the 124 because it's in between...at least the way I have it set. I can solo with it and get sustain (think medium gain bluesy/fusion tones), but it's still open sounding and nowhere near as compressed as how I set my gain channel. Cleans up great with picking dynamics also. So part of me just wants to stick with the Jetter because I already know I like it, it's totally what I'm looking for...I'm just really intrigued by The Dude, you know the whole 'grass in always greener' thing.

    So anyone have experience with both?
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