Jackson ampworks Newcastle 18 vs 30


I recently picked up a Newcastle 18w. It's a great amp and I love it. I've been running it through a Dr Z attenuator for lower volume applications. I just came across a Newcastle 30 watt for sale with the power scaling. Has anyone had experience with both. Would it be worth selling the 18 and going for the 30? I've hear the fans can be a little loud and annoying in the 30. Any thoughts would be helpful! Thanks in advance.


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Bump. Ever find out?
I can't compare 30 to 18 but I traded for a 30 not long ago and frankly I LOVE playing through it. The power scaling makes it as good at achieving natural sounding overdrive at low volume in my basement office as the original Carr Mercury, my until now favorite at home amp. Now they're tied, as least until I can play them both.

And the 30 can go out do rock cleans at volume and hang with loud drummers, which I suspect is a chore fo the 18.

Lastly, these heads are available at a very reasonable cost.

This is my first experience with these amps and I'm hooked.