Sold Jackson USA SL2H Soloist Nebula (new info and photos)


Jackson USA SL2H Soloist

This handpaint Nebula finish is no longer offered by Jackson! The finish is signed by the artist Dan Lawrence. Also, this finish was more expensive than standard Jackson finishes.

Everything is stock in this guitar, Seymour Duncan pups, Original Floyd Rose etc...

Made in 2005 but the guitar has not been played between 2008 and 2016. She has always been in OHSC in that period. The neck is straight even if she has been sleeping for last 7.5 years. Neck is ready for playing. The condition of the guitar is very good. No dents. 24 jumbo frets have lots of life.

I cleaned the guitar and took lots of detailed photos with high resolution. When I clean the guitar after 7 years the rust in the floyd rose system is removed. I only see some rust in some of the frets. They are in the edge of the frets (close to high E string). Probably they can also be removed but I did not try yet. Please see the photos.

The neck thru construction, comfortable neck profile, stable Floyd Rose system and Duncan pups makes this guitar, main axe of most guitarists.

Guitar + shipping (USA) + paypal fee = 1400 USD

No return. Sold as is. Everything about the guitar is explained.

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