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Jaguar sounds overdriven even on clean channel?


I just got a Fender Jaguar Blacktop. When I run it through my Blackstar HT Club 40, it sounds a little distorted on the clean channel, like there's some overdrive going on somewhere. (There's no gain control on that channel, just volume and tone.) I happens when I have my pedalboard plugged into the pedal loop and when the guitar is plugged straight into the amp.

This doesn't happen with my Strat, so I don't think it's the amp. The Jaguar is my first humbucker guitar - is this something that humbuckers just do? It sounds great distorted, but I'd like to be able to get it clean too.


Senior Member
where's the guitar volume set? Could be pushing the input; would be hotter than single coils. Try dialing the guitar volume back. Do you have another amp, modeler or audio interface you can try?


Silver Supporting Member
Generally speaking, humbuckers hit the preamp harder than single coils. Along with the above suggestions, if your amp has a padded second input on the clean channel, try that.

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