Jam pedals Dyna-ssoR etc....

Paul Conway

Hi guys

Has anyone tried this? I am begining to think a compressor would solve a lot of my requirements, and I want to get something musical, reliable and with good signal-to-noise. I've narrowed the field to three possibles, based on what I've read:

MXR Custom
Rothwell Love Squeeze
Jam Pedals Dyna-ssoR

Here, they come out similarly priced. Anyone tried any of the above? I'd like the option to go from a subtle compression/warmth to a slightly more 'effected' sound, with a strat....


I've played some of the Jam pedals, but unfortunately not this one. I can tell you two things though: I've heard excellent feedback (pun not intended!!) from friends of mine that use it, and that if it is subtlety and versatility you're after it will probably not deliver since it is a clone of a Ross compressor... beautiful and with a custom artwork if you ask, carefully and very well made, but still a clone. That design is famous for its sound and copied a thousand times, but without having subtlety and versatility as its strong points.

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