Sold James Tyler - Gibson Historic Les Paul R8 - Anderson - Fender Elite Strat -USA Yamaha Ty Tabor Proto

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Prices include shipping and paypal. I'm not interested in trades.

Fender Elite Stratocaster

Very nice elite strat. Some wear but clean overall. This one is light for an Elite at 8.5 pounds. More Pics:

Price $1100

USA Yamaha RGXTT TyTabor Prototype

This is a high end guitar from YGD USA (Yamaha Guitar Development in CA). Check out the fretboard edge in the pic link and quality of the neck wood (birdseye maple and figured rosewood fingerboard). It is on par with any boutique maker. This body and neck were shown to Ty as possibilities for the RGXTT model. He played a drop 6 extensively with a very similar black body. The neck is a USA Pacifica and the body is similar in shape to the RGXTT but has different bevels on the top and no maple as far as I know. After obtaining the body and neck, I purchased the parts and had it professionally assembled. The pickups are a JB humbucker with a pair of vintage rails. The pots are 500k volume (like Ty's and unlike the imports) and 250k for the tone. The electronics and quality are the same as Ty's guitars and exceed the import models. There was a chip in the end of the headstock that was pro repaired during assembly. There are some scratches on the guitar from shelf wear (before assembly). This guitar plays and sounds awesome. It's a great value and unique piece of history for King's X or Yamaha fans. Includes rare Ty Tabor green pick. More pictures:

Price $800

Gibson Custom Shop
Historic R8 Plain Top VOS

This is an excellent playing and sounding Les Paul. All original and includes the case and COA. There are a couple of small dings on the top back edge as pictured. The top, neck and headstock are in excellent condition. Weight = 8.82 pounds
More pics:

Price SOLD

Tom Anderson
Drop Top

Perfect tubular quilt top. Good lighting makes the finish look like it is on fire. This is a perfect guitar. Even after many years, it plays unbelievable (aka like and Anderson). Super clean with original case and paperwork. The only flaws are the small ding in the clear binding on the SIDE of the guitar (can be very difficult to see . . I couldn't find it until I want to florescent lighting) and some marks at the truss rod adjustment cut out. Both are clearly pictured.
More pics:

Price SOLD on Reverb

1991 Studio Elite

Info about the guitar from the Tyler shop:
This guitar was originally sent to Japan and completed in 1991: Turquoise Studio Elite with JTOs and Kahler Steeler locking bridge. Alder, Maple/Rosewood. It has our lead/rhythm circuit and early model Demeter midboost preamp. The dummy coils are part of the JTO pickups for the L/R circuit.

This is a unique Tyler for those who know. I purchased the guitar from Japan. It is in nice shape with light but typical wear for a guitar this age. As you can see, at some point the tuners were swapped out as was the tremolo. The tremolo was brought back to spec with a 90's Kahler. The case is not original but seems right. The finish is not a color changer but can look vastly different depending on the lighting. The action is excellent and everything works as it should.

Price - SOLD
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Post removed / Warning issued. Folks, if you have a question regarding any of these guitars, be it pricing, history or whatever, I'm sure Jim would be happy to answer them via PM. Beautiful guitars there Jim, and GLWTS.

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