Jamie's Crying and You Really Got Me


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Sounds good! Looks like you've got a "brown sound" too!


Thanx guys. OK. The amp is a plexi SL -67 or -68, 100w. I run it through a dummy load and a Power Brake, into a 8 ohm cab loaded with four 25 w 8 ohm celestion greenies. The dummy is set at 8 or 9 ohm and connected in serie between the amp and the PB ( allso set at 8 ohm ). That gives me a total load of 16 or 17 ohm, while I keep the amp set at 8 ohm. The guitar is a home made strat with a heavy ash body, a two peace maple neck. The pick up is a Seymore Duncan JB J. I do have pics on the gear, but then I have to get rid of the songs, don't have that much space on my web site. I can put'em up if you like... ;)



i'm running a 16 ohm hotplate out of my PM 16 ohm speaker output into a 8 ohm uberkab...funky, but fun!

did you have a "i'm the one" clip up a while ago?

that was :dude

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