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I found a JangleBox under the tree Christmas morning. My wife took note of my obscure reference to one a few months ago. We were listening to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in a parked car when I came across the ad in Vintage Guitar magazine. I said that Mike Campbell uses one. She said, "Who?"

The truth is I've wanted one for years.

Apparently the good people at JangleBox gave some special customer service amid confusion on my wife's part. So a public thanks on our behalf.

Digging the pedal. It's the original black box. Lots of range over the EQ. It lives up to its name. A proper review to come.

steve gray

mike doesnt use one.. atleast not currently. I have an add with him complimenting it, but ive never seen it on his board. I go to alot of Dirty Knob shows and never saw it on there.. he does however use a Way Huge Camel Toe which are pretty nice, but overpriced!
but i want a janglebox too. does it work well with leads?
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Well, he endorses the JB on their web site. Whether or not he uses one doesn't really matter. It was just one of those things ... I turned the page to the JB ad with his quote while Even The Losers was playing.

As for leads, it's a versatile compressor with three preset EQs. I find it to be relatively quiet, even with Fender single coils.


A couple of months ago, we received a really cool email from Bugs Weidel (TP's equipment tech) inquiring about JangleBoxes for both Tom and Scott Thurston. Apparently both guys are fans of the JB, and had been sharing Mike's. We hope to resolve that situation soon.

Mike Campbell is flat out one of my favorite guitar players, and the Heartbreakers among my all-time favorite bands. The new live anthology is terrific.

--Steve Lasko

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