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Jazz Bass Help!


I've got friend that want to sell me his jazz bass for $200 BUT I don't really know what it is and was hoping someone would know. What I do know is this:

- Made in Korea
- S/N: HJ-212P/SB

Unfortunately the headstock logo was sanded off. Compared to the MIA fenders, the width of the neck at the nut is slightly narrow. I was thinking that it might be Squire or a MIK fender but the guy that my friend bought off said that he bought it (new I think) 2-3 years ago. Any help appreciated - Thanks.


so far as i know... there are no made in korea fenders. It could be a slightly older squier... but current squiers are produced out of indonesia. Honestly, for $200 you should be able to find a MIM Fender jazz without too much trouble. I'd pass on it unless you really like the way it plays or something.


Silver Supporting Member
There are a gazillion J bass clones out there. Some good, some bad. A noname is not going to have any resale value, so I would offer him $100-$150, as you can get a new SX for under $200, and they are amazingly good. P, J, P/J, MM, whatever config you want.

The guys over at Talkbass rave over them, and many use them as a platform for all sorts of mods.



I think $150 might be generous for an unknown quantity like that. For that price I'd get one of the SX basses as well.

Big +1

That being said, if you play it and it feels and sounds great than $150 could be right.

Let us know how this works out.


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