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Jazz - Have: Bardens fullness, need: alnico sweetness


This thread is not only a quest for better options but could also be the potential anico vs ceramics, but keeping it nuanced and factual please.

I recently aquired this 94 tele jap with a good acoustic feel and vibe
And it has Bardens
Good things about them :

Noise canceling and
They are full and balanced
Actually i quite like them when i roll of treble, except for the lacking sweetness factor

A pick up builder recently told me that I cannot know what a pickup will sound like based on magnet type and output

I didn't argue with him about that, but i can say here that my +25 years of playing bartholinis, vv dimarzios and now bardens, says I can hear it.

It happens in the upper mids and highs
And I would maybe call it a lack of good saturation
It seems like they are simply too clean and not giving that silky or smooth creamy response that is agreable to the ear
Great for big sounding rock chords in a mix, but for a softer touch, when recording, those high notches stand out as piercing, where alnicos have a nicely "smudgy" and un rigid, touch
And especially Anico 2

Though p90s have an almost compressed sound they are rarely sound agressive in the high mids
Alnico 5s can be quite agressive and glassy but they can also be woody and warm and full
whitch is what I after

So, room for discussion on that

But I'm also looking for recommendations of the closest alnico alternative to the balance the bardens have, for a soft touch inyourface, twang.

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