jazzmaster: avri vs dano vs?


i'm checking out picking up a used jazzmaster and while more focused on AVRI models (which I've seen currently going for about $1100-1300 used depending on aftermarket parts) i've also recently been contemplating a dano build as well. Having searched on tgp I've seen some stellar dano pics of their jm. Anyway, if people have any opinions as to how best to sway my vote that'd be great. Also, I have no idea what a dano build would cost - which I was just about to email him about.

If I picked up an AVRI here's what I'd probably do over time - lollar P90s, mastery bridge, and possibly a new neck - with a 9.5 or > radius, 6105 frets and a chunky C neck - can't stand those tiny AVRI necks. But I guess I'd have the resale on the AVRI too? Only thing I'd probably do with the Dano is add (myself) a fender decal on the neck if I could custom order it to my specs. Anyway, any insight into my decision-making process would be great.



Sounds like your mind is made up. I'd go with the Dano if I was thinking about the changes your thinking of making.
For me personally? You couldn't pry my AVRI Jazzy from my hands if I were stone-cold dead!

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Thin Skin Jazzmaster have the 9.5" radius and frets you're looking for. they're a little cheaper than standard AVRI models, too. I'm not sure how well Lollar P-90s would fit in Jazzmaster routes, though - I'm sure someone else can chime in. I know Curtis Novak makes P-90 replacement pickups for JMs that are drop-in, though. Good pickups.

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For what its worth, after talking to a noted Jazzmaster player, I'd suggest that you'd go the custom route AND find a vintage trem to spec.

Evidently, (from someone who should really know) the new trems (even AVRIs) are nowhere near the vintage trems. The #1 problem with modern Jazzmasters.

So 1) Vintage Trem 2) Mastery Bridge 3) Custom Builder = the go go ....

The player in question has vintage Jazzmasters ('59s) plus custom models but always with vintage trems and mastery bridges.

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