Anyone here play Jazzmasters?

I just got my newest Chapin on Saturday, a JBird (basically a one-off), Bill's take on a Jazzmaster. I'd never played a Jazzmaster before, but hey, it was dark, he was so big, I had no choice but to buy it! Played it out the first night I had it, and OH MY!!! :eek: What a cool damn guitar! :D

Doesn't really sound like anything else, very present sounding, clear, but not piano-like because the pickups really drive the amp hard. Don't quite know what to make of it, but I really liked it with the blues band and the Dr. Z 6545 and the Mudhoney!

Bill described Jazzmasters as "tweaky" - lots of TLC needed to keep them in tune, playing right, there are weird mechanisms in the bridge to drive you nuts, but even so, the sound was just incredible!

I'm a big fan - just wondering if anyone else has been bitten by the bug too?


I don't have one, but I do like them and will certainly be acquiring an older one soon, while the '60s ones are still affordable.

They require a little bit of setting up but they're worth the effort.
Someone posted a killer looking pic of a Koll with a Jazzmaster trem a while ago.


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I wish I still had the 2 Jazzmasters I owned........A Trans Blond '59 w/ a gold anodized pickguard and a Candy Apple Red '62. Very cool looking guitars with great necks and a distinctive sound.

Sold them more than 10 years ago for a bargain.


Marty Horne

After a year or 2 on my uncles Harmony acoustic, I got my first guitar, a sunburst Fender Jazzmaster just like the Ventures played. As I remember, it had a darker, mellower tone than Strats and Teles with separate lead and rhythm circuits. I really loved it but after a few years I sold it and bought a 335.


Jazzmasters are not for everyone. If you have one or a set-up that is similar,check out a device called a Buzzstop. It really brings out the best in a JM or Jaguar type bridge. No mods either. They don't sound like other Fenders either. I recently saw Los Lobos and David Hildago played one for a few numbers.
Mine has the Buzz Stop (or Buzz Kill as I mistakenly called it several times! :) ). I can see the guitar would be nearly unmanageable without the downward pressure.

Sure sounds fine to me...

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