JBL D120 F repair?



I have an origonal coned gold label JBL D120F Signature speaker and it has a small radial tear to the speaker . The tear shows signs of propogating further, but runs to about 2". The tear would only propogate to the 'glued' area and not into the speakers center.

The tear is on the outer 'glued' and formed part of the speaker and about 1/2" in from the speakers edge.

Could I repair this? and What's the best method and materials to do it please? Also what's best to clean up the cones - dust and dirt evident. :confused:


I would use silicone sealer, sparingly, since it's on the flexible part of the cone. I think aquarium sealer has a small tip, which makes it easier to control the bead. On the paper part of the cone, I use Elmer's white glue. Good luck. Sometimes original cones are worth fighting for! You should see my old, old, Celestion Greenback. I used hide glue, before I found out some other approaches. It does work fine, however. It seems to pull off the speaker a little, somewhat, because it's so stiff. I'd like to test contact cement, just haven't had time.


Thanks for the advice. I ended up using PVA adhesive in several coats. It's certainly seems to have done the biz and it dries clear + is flexible.

The bad news is that the other one of the pair has bad voice coil drag - it grates when you gently push forward on the cone. I don't know if there is anything to do on this appart from a recone. Could I save the dome or somehow remove the cone and straighten the deformed ring inside? I fear not!

I have that 1st speaker in my twin and it sounds great .. gentle on the treble though. It's paired with an oxford - seems to be a blue stickered oxford with Fender on and I think '73.

The recone I was quoted £119 + vat @ 17.5%. (1.75USD =£1) ... so I think that's not cheap to say the least. Maybe that's what you have to pay on this speaker. Advice?


Would the recone be using an original JBL kit? If so, that might be worth it.. otherwise, I'd try and salvage it however you can.. Go over to www.webervst.com and go to the speaker board.. post a question for ted..



I'm still waiting for their reply on that mike. i did ask for a quote with 'authentic parts' though. They do work or have done for Knopfler and Clapton, so they must be pretty good and a close friend has recommended them. I have seen re-cones done with a paper dome and they don't look good and probably don't sound it either.

Thanks for the thread ... i'll give it a look. I just sort of half wondered and clutching at straws whether it is possible to partly reshape the inner cylininder in the voice coil in order to achieve clearence...... if you manage to get the aluminium dome off from the front, (but it sounds like I might be dreaming on that one!)


Colonel Curmudgeon
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Please post the Weber reply on 'original parts' once they answer. I have a few D120Fs and D110Fs needing recones too.


Mark Kane

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I've always saturated tissue paper in Elmers glue and put that over the tear on both sides of the cone. I've got some speakers that have been running better than ten years with this repair with no problems


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The JBL kits are something like $125 for the parts

Weber recones for $55. They do use edge wound coils like the original, and Ted says the sound very close to original after break in

Tom CT

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I'm doubtful that you'll find anyone that has an "original" D120F kit (with a 21032 cone code). I believe they're extinct.

I had a guy named Mickey at J&J Speaker repair in Chicage recone a couple of D120Fs a while back, and while he did a great job with what appeared to be very similar to an original kit, the resulting tone had changed drastically. The speaker was much darker, and had lost most of the classic JBL midrange "honk".

Ted Weber is probably your best bet.