JBL e120 dust screen?


First time posting.

I picked up a JBL e120 on the cheap and the back sticker has been removed along with the back screen.

When I look through the back of the speaker I can see a screen that appears to be pulling away as if it was under the dust cap and mounted at the apex of the cone.

My question is are there two screens on these speakers? Or has the screen on the back of the speaker fallen through the back of the speaker towards the dust cap?

thanks, I haven’t been able to find specs that include those dust screens.

J M Fahey

In those speakers pole piece is "vented" , meaning there is a hole through it, for various reasons, mainly ventilation fo increased power handling (solid dust cap works like a piston and blows air through it) BUT it allows free accesss to the very sensitive gap area, so some kind of screen is a must.
Since it is a "tunnel", at least place a screen at the outside end (the one you are missing); adding another at the inside end does not hurt, it´s a backup.

I suggest you cut with scissors a small piece of mosquito net or at least a piece of cloth or felt and glue it there.

Some speakers (such as Peavey Black Widow) add a little foam disk there, problem is that after some 10 years foam turns to goo and sometimes gets sucked in.
Murphy´s Law withstanding, that goo sometimes gets sucked inside the voice coil gap and messes everything.
Oh well.

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