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JDM Vindicator / Tonemaster ?

John Mark Painter

Gold Supporting Member
Apparently he had to change the name to Vindicator.
Anybody have one?

It's a Treble Booster and MKII in one.
I am already a JDM fan.

Not great sounding demo but I think I get the idea
I just got one recently and still playing around with it, but I will say if you are even considering it, just get it. I don't know how it compares to all the other Tonebender mk2s out there or all the Rangemasters out there (buying them all and then selling things off isn't my style), but it sounds warm and authentic on both sides. The fuzz can get long beautiful sustains or really spitty and velcro-like, but mainly sings the way Page's guitar sings. However, don't assume that you have to like classic rock to love this, because it will go to a lot of new places too.


I have the Humdinger, and the fuzz side is AWESOME. It's supposedly a silicon BC109 tone Bender MkII. It's my high gain sound into a cleanish amp(Glaswerks Zingaro 50). Set how I set it, it's a super thick but still cutting crunch, with note definition and great sustain(even with single coils). You can dial it to be spitty and wooly, but I dont. Gtr vol clean up is decent, but doesn't nail that Hendrix rolled back Fuzz Face thing. It rolls more to a dynamic, brighter low gain OD.

If the Vindicator has this same circuit, then it's worth it! I've had a few Tone Benders and like the Humdinger best.
Oh I would like to add, there is a new switch on the Vindicator which makes it even more versatile, which allows you to make the fuzz more subtle or more intense. Joe says that it is for people that play humbuckers, because sometimes humbuckers can get too filthy with fuzz on. My main guitar is a Les Paul sort of guitar and I think it sounds great on either setting, but definitely more old school with it cut. I also have a couple single coil '60s guitars and it sounds killer (and even more retro) with them.

I can also confirm that the roll-off isn't quite like the Fuzz Face, but it sounds great rolled off, and the circuit is really responsive to how hard you are playing. You can finger style and it will sound cleanish, then smash into some big fuzz chords without changing a setting.

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