Jefferson Airplane, live (1970)


From Wally Heider studios, 30 minutes of live footage, of the classic line-up in full flight.

The sonic signature was created by everyone -- Grace and Marty trading off lead singing and harmonizing;
Paul Kanter's Rickenbacker 12-string on rhythm, Jorma Kaukonen's psychedelic and waw-tinged leads on a Gibson 335 (and other guitars), Jack Cassady's melodic bass, and kinetic rhythm by drummer Spencer Dryden. What a band!


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I saw them in January 1970 at the Anaheim Convention Center for my 17th birthday - great show. Opening acts were Hot Tuna and It's A Beautiful Day. My girlfriend got me a nice pair of bell-bottom slacks and a velour shirt to wear to the show. I'm sure I fit in with my ROTC short haircut. o_O I remember being aggravated by some hippie standing on a chair in front of me doing a free-form dance, blocking my view. Such were the times.


Who was that masked man?
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Saw them in the summer of 1970 without Marty and with Papa John Creech on fiddle. It was the tour in support of the 'Bark' album. I was 15 and after the show, my friends and I sauntered backstage and hung out with Jorma, Jack and Papa John. Great memory.

These days, Marty has an art studio here in St. Augustine.


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My favorite band up through '75. Then I became a total deadhead.

Saw them many times. I had so many pictures of the Airplane on my walls when I was a kid that my mom called it my Grace Slick wallpaper. I had a huge crush on Grace when I was a kid.

In the 90's Grace signed the Long John Silver album cover that I had made into a joint rolling tray when I was a kid. It had resin all over it and she cracked wise about it and the fact that I didn't look like I smoked weed (I was dressed in my "uniform," a businessman's suit). I told her she didn't either. We had a good laugh.


Too young to see them then but did see a reunion in 87 pretty dam good show but not as loose. Always loved bless it pointed little head....such anger n energy. They were the one San Fran band I always liked best.


I used to be in a band that rehearsed in that studio for a couple years (the bass player was the studio mgr). It was pretty wild being in the same room where they recorded "White Rabbit".

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