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I have the exact same bari, which replaced an import Dano. There was absolutely no comparison between them by any metric; the JJ is just a fantastic instrument. I also have a shorthorn:

It's one of my favorite guitars, and the one I'm most apt to grab when doing alternate tuning/fingerpicking/slide.

Also have a Baby Sitar, which gets the least use, but it's just so cool. And, just to prove I'm not a total snob, all of this was started by a 90s MIK Dano convertible that I still own & love. It feels like a toy compared to the JJs, but it's a fun toy.

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Have a JJ Dolphin nose Bass. Sounds killer but The thin neck has bowed. I wish I could get a replacement neck but never gonna happen. Doesn’t get played much so may sell it for cheap. although it is sentimental I don’t like to sit on things that don’t get used.
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I have a late 90's Neptune 12 string with 2 pickups. That day for some reason I was hellbent on getting a 12, don't remember why but the store had that one and a 1960's Fender XII. They were about the same price at the time...but the Fender sounded like Stairway no matter what you played. The JJ was the clear and best choice for music but now? Maybe not for collectible value!

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