Sold JHS 1966 Series Tone Bender #14 of Batch 3 **BRAND NEW**

Discussion in 'Pedal Effects Gear Emporium Archive' started by Gibson Dog, May 8, 2020.

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    I have nothing to say about this pedal - it would just be my opinion & everyone needs to form their own opinion on what it is & what it's "worth". IMHO the Rangemaster is pretty average but the other three are exceptional & this one is the best of the bunch. This pedal is BRAND NEW it's never been plugged in. Everything is pictured. Anything you see that doesn't look right is a reflection the pedal doesn't have a mark on it.

    $OLD. includes pPal & Priority shipping CONUS ONLY. Not looking for any trades unless you have a S-63 Nash HSS.

    Please read my feedback here and on Reverb at the link below. Thanks a lot for looking.

    Fulltone Ranger Full Range Rangemaster - $OLD. includes pPal & Priority shipping CONUS ONLY if you like Rangemaster's these are as good as they get! I've been playing one of these lately into a > mxr timmy > source audio collider > milkman amp = sounds a lot like Rock n' Roll! I give the MXR Timmy an an advantage over the "originals" they're more of an always on cleanish boost but the MXR screams on it's own, IMHO.

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