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JHS 3 Series: Cool tones / Better Value


I love the jams you do in your videos - and such a great sense of humor. The vids are great - really entertaining. Now ... I heard another demo video of your 3-series chorus (forget whos), but he had Micheal Landau's Arion sound - kind of that univibe thing. Seemed pretty dead-on. I didn't hear that setting in your video, but I wonder how your chorus circuit relates to the Arion pedal.


The chorus and overdrive sound simply wonderful.
Chorus: Boss CE-1 inspired? Sine wave LFO?
Overdrive: Similar to Boss OD-1? (Not SD-1.)
A lot of people seem to think it's similar to blues breaker.
What do you think?


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Color Theory (Light) vs. Pigment Theory.

If you mix all the powder-coat colors together I promise you will not get white. ;)
Right, pigments get their color by absorbing light. Mix em together you should get grey, essentially a bad absorber of all frequencies.


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I wish these were available as DY kits. I want to make my own pedals. I would buy a kit with all the pedals.


Just checked an Australian dealer - $165 for us.
At least one place here has them for $159 with free shipping. Remembering the $99USD doesn't include tax, the $159 includes 10% GST. Pre tax price, $143.10. Pop that into xe.com right now and convert to USD and you get $102.5. Pretty much the same price.


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I just grabbed the chorus pedal. These are probably going to sell out quick I think. The chorus sounded great in the living room demo.

BTW Sweetwater $99 free shipping in the US.

Jack DeVille

Josh, congrats on providing a true service to those less fortunate in the gear world. Used, these should sell for $60-70, exactly the same price as most of the Chinese clones-but be more reliable and at least made by human hands you can reach out to. They sound good (of course, with all the knowledge that's out there now, there's no excuse for bad sounding effects), and work well. And if the monochromatic look bothers one, then there's duct tape in a million colors, or a rattle can of paint, or get creative with a colored marker... I don't need 'em but I highly support their manufacture. Are they SMD or thru hole, if you don't mind my asking? Did you get a flow solder machine or similar to streamline production (because it's hard to believe hand soldering, thru hole components would be possible at this price point).

I agree that the Mr. Black comparison is reasonable, except that he doesn't offer the full line at all times. Other folks that have approached this level of simplicity/price would be VFE and Henretta. Both are more, new but similar range used.
I would like to highlight that we are still experiencing an ACTIVE pandemic at this juncture in time and I am prohibited by local goverment from employing a full staff.
E.I.: I am the ONLY person currently working at my shop. I do my best, while STILL designing for other corporations/brands which are well-loved here on this forum as well as across the MI field, but I do need to sleep as well. :)

Also: all Mr. Black pedals are built using premium through-hole components, hand-assembled/built by well-paid employees (or that was the case when I was able to employ people) who also enjoyed a full, 100% corporate paid benefits package, PTO, sick-leave plan which extended WELL the legal SUGGESTION/minimum, in a professionally cleaned, comfortable facility/factory that follows all health/safety guidelines "to the T", with specifically selected creature comforts to accommodate individual employee preferences (because I care), blah blah blah etc. Basically, all employees had it better than I did, although at this time I am the ONLY person in the shop, 6 days per week as has been the case since March 21, 2020.

So yes, some items sell out of stock because I have to sleep and while I do not maintain a girlfriend/partner or family, I do leave my shop somewhere between 6pm-8pm nightly.
When it is safe, and I am legally allowed, operations will resume and available stock will return to pre-COVID levels, but I also do not offer/sell anything I do not have on the shelf ready to ship THE NEXT DAY IF NOT SAME DAY, as I have maintained for the previous 8 years (custom/special units excluded).

Anyhow, I'm off subject and clearly bitter (it is 3:19am on a Saturday night here in Portland and I *just* had dinner and a few drinks); such is the life of a man who's hands are legally tied and struggling to ensure that he can offer his staff their positions and pay-rates/benefits package/etc. when possible. :)

Sorry if I come off as sour or took your comment personally or offensive. :) I am doing my best as I will continue to do.
In short: I am stretched thin and I would LOVE to have everything in stock as we did pre-COVID, but that is not an option available to me at this time, legally.

EDIT: I need to go to bed so I can get up tomorrow (Sunday) as nd built ready-to-ship stock and complete retail backlog.
Be well, and again: my apologies if I came off defensive or "short" (I am only 5'5" on a good day; maybe 5'7" if my hair is REALLY on point :p )
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I have 2 questions about these pedals:

1 - Buffered or true bypass ?

I'm fine with either it it's done correctly, just want to know.

2 - Does thay suck low frequencies ?

I'e' what happens to the low end if I plug in a bass in my pedalboard.


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Color Theory (Light) vs. Pigment Theory.

If you mix all the powder-coat colors together I promise you will not get white. ;)
Right. And in painting, you can make a great black by mixing blue, red, and some yellow. So it's not the absence of color. Or is it?

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