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JHS 3 Series: Cool tones / Better Value


I wonder what the fuzz is based on? We know that Josh is a big fuzz face fan so could be that...

I’m sure time will tell.


Silver Supporting Member
Does the "this is a $139 pedal" formulation strike anyone as weird, almost like they are dissing their own not-exactly-cheap new line as cheap or somehow less than? Suits me fine, I'm not interested, just as marketing copy, it's......odd.

Darth Tater

Silver Supporting Member
JHS super budget line and it's still twice the price of a Boss pedal.

Not sure I really get that.

They sound good though, I feel like marketing them this way is more likely to get them lost in the market than stand out though.
The cheapest Boss pedal I see that compares to these is a compressor at $99....same as the JHS. The rest of the Boss pedals are a good bit more than that.

How are you figuring Boss costs half as much as a $99 JHS?


big thumbs up. I could see one or two of these finding their way onto my board.

My favorite features?
1) No military-grade 3500 watt blinding blue LED
2) Sound great. All seem very usable. The reverb & chorus sound especially lush. The fuzz is very flexible from smooth to velcro/spitty.
3) $99? That's a sweet spot price.

The only downside I see is that they're visually identical. They're gonna need a big piece of colored duct tape on stage. Red, Blue, Green, Whatever.

an an aside - seems like a fun group of people, too.


Smart move. Using the same control layout across the entire series lets them use the same white enclosure across the entire line. That's good streamlining.
That's what I was thinking. Manufacturing is way simpler. One drill jig or CNC program to put in the holes, and the same enclosure could be used for any one of the 7 models.

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