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JHS 3 Series: Cool tones / Better Value


Also wondering how it really holds up against the Boss VB-2 or even the Behringer UV300 (which is basically a VB-2 anyway).
Yes, this is exactly what I'm wondering. I love the VB-2w, just never pulled the trigger on one yet. If this can get close AND provide a good chorus sound it'd be an ideal pedal to find a spot for on the board.


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Also very interested in the vibrato mode of the Chorus. It sounds really nice in the demo. I'm looking for something that can go slower than the VB-2W, but still have that analog-y tone without lopping off too much treble or bass. Since it's digital (and a chorus pedal, which typically needs slower rates available), I'm thinking it can cover the slower speeds. But a lot of vibratos from chorus pedals alter the tone a bit too much for my liking.
@jhspedals.com (or anyone else) I'm curious if you could please elaborate more on the Fuzz or point me to some copy that does? I thought I heard you or someone else say it's your take on the MK1.5 - is this correct? From what I understand there are a couple different versions of the 1.5, the British one and the Italian Vox one, both of which sound different. Is this one or the other, or something different entirely? Also, is it Ge or Si? Curious because I (used to) do a lot of outdoor gigs during the summer and have had issues w Ge fuzzes crapping out on me. Thank you!
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So the 3-Series Fuzz did what a lot of fuzz faces in my basement do: Acted as a nice, loud AM radio. The only 'Face I have that doesn't do this is my MXR Classic 108, which has some serious modifications going on compared to a vintage fuzz.

This is an artifact of the fuzz face design, and I've come to terms with it. It is what it is.

I exchanged the fuzz for the distortion pedal -- same series, same whiter-than-white finish, same $99 price. (Thanks, Sweetwater!)

I got the distortion today. Grabbed my 339, set the pedal up in my signal chain right after a Cantrell wah, stepped on it -- and was greeted with a wonderful, sinuous feedback and some terrific crunch, circa 1988.

This thing has a very nice, ratty flavor. I'm digging it.


a small update here, i just received my reverb and delay back from JHS repair. the adjustment they did was adjusting the volume to be at unity to my original signal. they did just that exactly, thank you @jhspedals.com

seriously, I am really considering selling my Strymon Flint now, the reverb is very great sounding. when the reverb knob is at 0, it feels like it makes my dry signal sounds better. It's a tad fatter in a good way. very subtle but I can definitely hear it.

combining this with the 3 series delay, I can achieve a pseudo U2 Edge setup on the cheap. Now I wish that there is a way I can control the decay on the reverb with an expression pedal.

I would totally recommend the reverb pedal, for the price it packs such great sounds out of it.

@jhspedals.com is there a reverb pedal in your pedal company that sounds like this JHS3 series reverb that has access to an expression pedal to control the decay?


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I traded my Catalinbread Talisman not long ago and regretted it fairly quickly. I grabbed the JHS because it’s comparatively cheap, uses the SPIN FV-1 de rigueur, and a stripped down feature set. It’s super easy to dial up a great effect and the pre-delay switch is perfect for me- I was always faffing with that knob on the Talisman.
The JHS has a huge volume bump and a notable treble spike when engaged. Dorking around at home it’s not a big deal but I’d like to make it user selectable. Reached out to JHS customer service and they were quick and very helpful. They swap R10 with a different value to tame the volume bump. I’m going to try to get a mini-pot in there to make it adjustable. Failing that maybe just a switch to go between the old value and the new one.
While I have the pedal blown apart I figured I’d enjoy the blank canvas motif and dust off the doodle supplies.

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