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JHS Angry Charlie VS Emma Rezzafratzitz 2 - Can someone compare these two?


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Looking to hear from someone who has owned/compared these 2 pedals.

I owned a reeza years ago ( v1 ) but had completely different gear.. I remembered it sounded great.

Trying to find something that doesnt have the notes fart out at high gain, not a lot of background noise at 3/4 gain or higher, highs not brittle but natural and open, low end is tight or has knob, and works great with a strat/singles.

I have a JHS Angry Charlie right now, and it sounds great at medium gain and sounded awesome with the les paul I just sold at high gain. So.. looking to sell that and replace it with something high gain.
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Got here as fast as I could. :)

I owned a Reeza and rented an Angry Charlie for a week (actually a Sweet Tea, one side of which is identical to an Angry Charlie) from tryapedal.net. I did not have them simultaneously.

I know there are lots of JHS fans here, but I didn't care for the Angry Charlie side at all. It felt very pedally to me. I also remember it feeling a rowdier and grainier than I cared for. Anyway, through my rig and ears, it just didn't do much for me at all.

The Reeza, on the other hand, was terrific through my rig. Smooth, saturated distortion. Amp-like. Didn't sound too pedal-ly. It's one of my three favorite distortion boxes, the others being the AmpTweaker TightRock and Weehbo JVM Drive. The Reeza also sounded pretty great at low gain.

For me, at least, I greatly preferred the Reeza to the Angry Charlie. I know there are quite a few other fans of the Reeza here, too. Kind of an under-the-radar distortion, but often priced accordingly.


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I ordered the Reeza v2.. I didnt like the clip of the tightrock much and didnt think it had the amp like quality of the Reeza.


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The reeza and the ac were actually similar as brown sounders, but im returning the reeza.

I was looking for:
Something with a bit less background noise.
Low and high end control.
Natural high end, nothing in the trebles or presence squeaking or brittle.
Plenty of gain for harmonics to jump out.

I could get the reeza "close" to the AC.. but on the reeza I could not dial out the real low end, even with the bass knob dialed all the way down.
Also the high end presence could not be dialed out until the high end tone knob was almost completely off/ccw.. which made the mids muddy.
The reeza also didnt have the amount of gain that the AC has.

Im just happy that I have a 14 day satisfaction guarantee to return the ReezaFratZitz! Paid $249.

Are there not any high gain pedals out there that have low end adjustments ( that will pull out ALL the lows ) and high end adjustments that have a natural sound without that "squeezing two glass marbles rubbing together" sound? I dont want a metal chug a chug pedal.. just a natural all tube sounding high gainR.



I just tried the JHS Angry Charlie and it is just a Crunchbox with the presence outside... ridiculously priced as well. I woulf ditch that Jhs pedal and definitely go with the EMMa

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