JHS Superbolt or Lovepedal High Power Tweed Twin?

JHS Superbolt or Lovepedal High Power Tweed Twin?

  • JHS Superbolt

  • Lovepedal High Power Tweed Twin

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So my primary weapon is a Gibson ES-339 and I have a Vox AC15HW with UK made Alnico Blue and NOS tubes. I want to get vintage tweed tones a la Keith Richards, Neil Young, Jimmy Page. Suggestions for other top contenders welcome... :munch


I only have experience with the High Powered Tweed Twin. It's my favorite and I have a few. It replaced the Les Lius on my board. The Les Lius is a great pedal but it's big and I only ever used the Twin side of it anyway. It's a great pedal if you want to switch between Tweed Twin and Tweed Deluxe tho. I've had the FN5. Great tweed Deluxe pedal, lotsa gain like Neil Young. This is all it does tho. if that's what your lookin' for then this is the one. Very different that the Tweed Twin. I had the Wampler '57 for a while. This is the only pedal I've ever bought new and returned. It just didn't work for me. Lotsa folks do like it tho. The Black '65 worked much better for me. FWIW, I don't think of Jimmy Page when I think of Tweed tones.
Lovepedal HP Twin.

I have the Les Lius, which as gmann said, I only use the twin side. The HP Twin gives you a treble cut toggle to tame the highs. Keith and Neil tones galore.


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Had a Les Lius for a while. I have a Codtone Supro now, which is a licensed version of the runoffgroove "Supreaux Deux" that the Superbolt is allegedly based on.

The the latter isn't really a tweed thing, more of a Surpo amp, but I know why you are putting them in the same ballpark. For me, I like it better than the Les Lius - has higher gain and a tone control, and plays nicer with my other drives.

If you really want this sound, you might want to check out the Durham Crazy Horse. I just got on in, and it's by far the best "amp blowing up" pedal I've come across.

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