Jimmy Herring live in Atl last night


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My wife and I went to the show at The Variety Playhouse. WOW! First time seeing Jimmy Herring and band. World class musicians. I beleive it was Matt Slocum on keyboards, Neal Fountain on 6 string bass and Jeff Sipe on drums. Was not familair with lots of the tunes. I understand there was some Jeff Beck, Chic Correa (please forgive the spelling), even Day in a Life by the Beatles among other great tunes. Of course new tunes off his new CD (also available on vinyl). He played 2 strats, black one and white one most of the night and another solidbody, black single cut, black pick guard with white around it, 3/3 tuners that I had never seen before. Could not tell what pick ups or how many from where we were sitting. Sounded somewhat like a Gretsch but was not. All musician on stage had many times to stand out on their own. Together a powerful performance. Hopefully some of you will have a chance to catch the show on this tour. It has become increasingly clear that I do not know how to play guitar. Thanks TGP!

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