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JJ 6V6s in my HRDx-WOW!

John Carson

Silver Supporting Member
I just tried a set of JJ 6V6's in my HRDx and it sounds really cool. No bias adjustment just popped them in. I had a local tech mod the tone stack to blackface specs and adjust the overdrive channels and boy the thing sounds nice with the 6L6's just loud!

With the 6V6's it gets a real tweed tone almost quasi-plexi like. :dude


been running them for a while in my HRDx, so yes they are great.

If you put a dummy plug into the extension jack the amps bias will be correct, the amp needs to be 4 ohms, for the 8 ohm speaker, the amp will go to 4 ohms when you put a plug into the extension jack, really to easy, I had to do the same kind of thing with my mesa mark iv when I installed the 6v6s in it a few years ago, run off the 4 ohm jack of the amp. The 6v6s in the mark iv are also incredible.


Platinum Supporting Member
Another JJ6V6L6 convert here. Running them in my Rivera Chubster. Bob

The Pup

No Complexity Without Value
They are some of the best 6V6 tubes ever made in my opinion and 40+ years of experience.

Some may say they are not a "traditional" sounding 6V6 variant, but neither are these 10,000 hour wonders:

...if it sounds good...it is good.

John Carson

Silver Supporting Member
I just popped them in with absolutely no bias per Eurotubes suggestion

Sounds great!

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