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Joe Bonamassa


Got to say that folks are entitled to whatever opinion they hold on Joe B , or any other artist for that matter. it’s personal to you as an individual what floats your boat and for me, my musical journey through life is better for the likes of Joe Bonamassa and the like being out there doing what they do.

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ― Bob Marley


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He definitely gets a lot of unwarranted flak. It's cool to not be into his music, but the digs are just unnecessary.

I enjoy his tunes a lot, though he is big on the guitar specifically, where I view it as one equal part of the bigger instrument pie. The tunes of his that I enjoy the most are often the ones where the guitar is less prominent, but that has NOTHING to do with his incredible facility on the instrument.

Got to see him live in Vancouver a while back and it was fantastic. That same self-deprecating talk that was mentioned earlier was there, the band was tight, the sound was great, and they were all eminent pros. Guy works his ass off and it shows. Much respect.


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Hey -- I resemble that remark! :mad: :cool:
Hey it's true that the gentrified version isn't the original, but it does bring a lot more people to discover the originals than otherwise might have. Joe at least tends to do his best to respect those that influenced him.


He's such a great guitar player; but his songs are bland imo.
I'm somewhat convinced that what he does with his solo career is carefully engineered to suit the people who actually fund that aspect of his career by buying albums, tickets, and merch. Based on what I have seen on his Instagram and what he does with Rock Candy Funk Party, I think he is capable of much more interesting stuff than what he does with his solo act. As he has said before, people are willing to pay a lot of money to watch him overplay over blues rock changes, so that's what he does.
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JB is an outstanding guitarist, musician and an ambassador for modern blues music and guitar in general. This guy absolutely wails on the guitar, has massive chops and tone to die for. Of course he changes his gear periodically, and I'm questioning anyone with his net worth who doesn't. I'm not interested in any of the TGP negativity towards him, I just wanted to chime in on a thread that gives the man his props.


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By the way, Joe's Instagram account seems to be gone. Big shame since he had a ton of cool videos on there.


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Damn at least this is not a total Joe bashing thread, I do not get the hate/dislike/ bashing of Joe B on this board, been a few that have kept me from logging in for extended periods.

He is a great guitarist, song writer, singer and showman. I have been to many shows, have just about every album and think his music rules. Also a very nice dude, had the pleasure of meeting him and also met his manager Roy as well.

Joe B is one of the few musicians that keeps me interested in new rock now days,especially since most new so called music sucks.


I think he's a very good player, but I don't think he has what - I believe - a solo artist should have. Same as Tim Pierce (I may get some **** on this, but it's just my opinion, so who cares). They're both very good players, have great technique, great tone... but every time I hear them it seems they're constrained by something.

In Tim's case he's constrained by the music, the producer, the time... and his job is to blend the guitar in the song - so completely understandable.
Joe's case is different. It seems he's constrained by the need to perfect the craft of playing instead of putting his feelings in the music he's playing.

This video illustrates this perfectly: when Greg Koch comes in, my reaction is "wow, that's not something I'd hear elsewhere".

hot damn, greg killed that.


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Joe B is one of the few musicians that keeps me interested in new rock now days,especially since most new so called music sucks.
Well, I can't argue with that -- if you don't want to hear anything new, Joe B is your man. :p


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There's a clip out there somewhere that shows Joe B at age 13 or 15 something like that, and it is absolutely mind boggling what he could do as a high school kid. The interviewer would mention a player and Joe would instantly play riffs just like that player. If so and so did this song it would go like this..... Play like that..... But if this other so and so played it he would play it like this...... Shred like the other guy....... I was floored.

I would hope any Joe B critic who saw that clip would never be a critic again.


Regarding the sunglasses, no, he's not auditioning for the Matrix role, it's the stage lights.
Ever find yourself driving straight into a bright setting Texas summer sun with no trees, no hills, & no sunglasses? That's what it's like.
To suggest that JB is criticized simply because he's successful is ludicrous.
you forgot jealousy.. ha ha.. a lot of has beens, struggling musicians here so jaded that anybody that's pushing boundaries of whatever the hell similar music they're doin in empty bars and open mic jams gets pummeled here..yes the reason you're not famous is you still suck..even with years of gig experience..nobody gives a crap.. and if i see your awesome band live, i'm still gonna talk while you're playing you're heart out covering other people's music.. and god forbid you do your originals..carry on crappolas

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