John Fruiscante vs John Mayer vs Tom Morello as a guitarist( funky playing included ) and not songwriter


  • Fruiscante

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  • Mayer

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  • Tom Morello

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No contest here - Mayer is the superior guitar player.

Exhibit A:

So while Frusciante keeps playing the same basic funk lines over and over again, Mayer goes from blues to jazz to funk to pop to Grateful Dead.

It’s not even close here. The fact that he can play stupidly difficult riffs and sing well at the same time makes him that much more of an amazing musician.
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Look it this way. Mayer could fill in for RHCP's easily. John F, couldn't fill Johns shoes in any band he was in. I take that back a bit. John F could play with Jordan & Pino, but it would probably be a bit more funky. Honestly, I miss Hillel. And RHCP are hard to take with Anthony's dictator mustache.


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Frusciante strictly as a guitarist. Though Mayers no slouch, I’m a Fender, boss distortion into a Marshall user as well. Like The op pointed out songwriting is an entirely different story. Though I really enjoy Frusciante’s solo albums.

Honestly they’re both great. Here’s a vid of them together and “some other dude” ;)

Based on what i’ve read about Frusciante’s shred-oriented pre-RHCP era, I’m not sure the technical-ability comparison is quite as open-and-shut as folk make it out to be
There are a fair amount of dudes from the alt-rock era who had enormous chops before they were big and ended up playing them down in song-oriented contexts. Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith were both absolute monsters, and I remember once being shown a clip of Hillel Slovak soundchecking by playing the middle section of Zappa's "inca Roads"


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Frusciante couldn't sit in with Dead & Co??? Yeah ok....Frusciante could probably sit in with a ton of diff styles and be just fine.
In my opinion, Frusciante is way more original/interesting than Mayer, thats' not knocking Mayers talent, just facts. I would much rather listen to an interesting guitarist/singer/songwriter than Mayer, sure he is a great player, but just not interesting, to me at least. Mayer is like Jay Leno, and Frusciante is more like Bill Burr, way deeper and just better in general...

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