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John Paul Jones exposed


I ran across this video of JPJ playing "Going To California" on mandolin, hard to say if this is what he did on the record but close enough. What a talent.

I just listened to Houses of the Holy in it's entirety a couple of days ago.

Without JPJ's contribution, it wouldn't have been nearly as interesting of an album. His contribution was always Zeps secret ingredient.
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John Paul Jones' contribution to Brian Eno's Music For Films series

a sample of John Paul Jones' collaboration with Sonic Youth on Merce Cunningham's "Nearly Ninety"

John Paul Jones with Robyn Hitchcock at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

he gets around but I have the impression that JPJ enjoys keeping a low profile


Agreed. I never understood why he isn't/hasn't been more present in the music industry since LZ demise. I know he was in TCV but I haven't seen much of him otherwise. Very talented dude.
He wrote the string arrangement for R.E.M.'s Automatic for the People and a boatload of other artists.

I remember how the Red Hot Chili Peppers wanted to hire him to wrote a string arrangement for one of their singles and they couldn't afford him, so he obviously can be choosy about his projects.

List of credits here:

When he opened for King Crimson he blew me away with his undeniable talent. Some of the things I previously attributed to Jimmy Page were caused by Mr. Jones. What an incredible musician. He can play killer lap steel. And killer bass. And mandolin. And keyboards. And even ukulele.
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