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Johnny Ramone

I Am Misery

it's also the birth date of:

- Matt Damon
- Chevy Chase
- Sigourney Weaver
- Jesse Jackson
- RL Stine

as well as a dozen youtube, twitter, instagram, etc "stars" ...oh, and my baby momma. thanks for reminding me. ;)
I'll have to rock out on the Pinhead riff for a while in his honor after work tonight.
Pick something C.J. played on, because today is his birthday, as well.
Maybe Poison Heart:

Mondo Bizarro was the first studio album with C.J., even though Dee Dee helped write the songs, including Poison Heart.
Dee Dee continued writing songs for them until the end, but C.J. did write a couple of songs for Adios Amigos.

Glass Onion

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Very cool. Had never seen with anything other than the White Mosrite Ventures II.
I was at the Hollywood Palladium to see them in 1992.
The show was recorded by a local radio station & is now available to buy.

A friend of mine nearly ruined our night, took some drugs that someone offered him w/o even giving it a thought & of course he got sick.
Classic really, because according to Marky that's what Dee Dee would do, just take random drugs from strangers.

Can't even remember who opened, because we were busy taking care of that friend so we could get back in time for The Ramones.
I was thinking it was Skinny Puppy, but the dates don't correlate.

I Am Misery

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I saw them at University Hall, Charlottesville VA in 1987. No opening act.
We were standing right in front of the stage; probably 5 feet from Johnny for the whole show.

They opened with Beat on the Brat and Joey came out wielding a Louisville Slugger overhead while singing the song. My buddies and I cracked up laughing. It was the probably the most hilarious Rock n Roll image I've ever seen, and one of the most entertaining shows I've ever attended.

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