"Jose" mods are diode clipping?

The way I see it is if someone has the technical knowledge to truly care about stuff like this, they could easily look up a schematic or gutshot and form their own opinions on whether it's "tube enough". To people without technical knowledge, I don't see why any of it should really matter because they will either like the amp or not. They shouldn't have a purist mentality with no knowledge or experience to back it up.


Again with the "all tube" misnomer. It's either a tube amp or it's not. It can use SS components to drive the tubes harder, in some cases to generate distortion, etc... but if it relies on tubes, it's a tube amp.

  • A Friedman BE is not all-tube but is a tube amp.
  • A Jubilee is not all-tube but is a tube amp.
  • A Dumble with switchable FET is not all-tube but is a tube amp.
  • A Blackstar HT is not all-tube but is a tube amp.
  • A Hybrid amp, by commonly accepted definition, is an amp that uses a solid state (or nowadays digital) preamp and a tube power section OR a tube preamp and solid state (or digital) power section.
That works for me.
"Misnomer"... Hah ... Carry on...


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I think you've moved the goal posts, but hey, I'm OK with that. Yes, a Black Star (except the Artisan series) is tube amp but not an all tube amp. Done! No need to discuss hybrid vs whatever.


BTW, straight from the Blackstar guy -

" Yes, there are other IC stages doing tone stack duties and a bit of signal compression but this is to "manage" the signal levels so that they present to the valves correctly and allow it to work at its "sweetspot" and of course op valve distortion is ALL valve! I can assure you that the circuitry was arrived after hours of play/cut/solder/play/cut/fag/swear/tea/play.....Dave.
This is a good example of how they try to twist facts. This "managing of signal levels" and "compression" is clipping with solid-state diodes so the distortion is not "ALL valve!"

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