JTM45 Love Thread, post yours here to see


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Pls post your JTM45s.

I love Marshall JTM45s, Marshall hit a home run with these amps.
it is legend, the first guitar amp made by Marshall in 1962. It has been called a "seminal" amp and is praised as the most desirable of all the company's amps. Ken Bran and Dudley Craven were the geniuses behind this. All aluminum chassis (preferred as it's lower hum than steel).

I am showcasing the ones still in my possession below:

Marshall JTM45/100 40th Anniv, handmade, this is king of all amps. 100W, dual transformers, came with a pair of 4x12 cabs, Alnico speakers, all tone and sweetest sound. Very articulate, not as high gain as a plexi, no harshness or ice pick tones. It's a creamy, smooth and warm sound. Believe only 250 were made. I turn this puppy up and it sings. No pedals needed. This is one amp I will not sell.


Marshall JTM45 Offset (OS), I already have a thread on this pair on TGP. Handwired and all tone!!!


Marshall JTM45 30W, 2245THW Tremlo Hand Wired, circuitry is identical to the Bluesbreaker. This amp is fine and at 30W, it screams. Have a Marshall Greenback 4x12 cab from the mid 90s on the right, one of my sweetest cabs, and the cab to the left is from Swanson loaded with Scumback M75 PVC 20W each. 100W and 80W cabs and they match up nicely with the two JTM45 30W amps.


Marshall JTM45 Bluesbreaker RI below, PCB and sounds great. Got this back in 1999 I think, and its been a great amp. It has a smooth breakup and I always get the goods out of this amp.


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I don't have any pics handy but I bought a 1998 Bluesbreaker RI and liked it so much I also picked up a 2003 JTM45 RI.

These are phenomenal amps. I can only imagine that the hand wired versions are even more spectacular.


That LP and that amp, gives you that magic we hear on that album.

it really does.

I love jtm45s but the reason I went plexi is specifically to avoid that. I've said as much and people look at me like I'm crazy. but I think it makes perfect sense; after all Eric has been running from that tone his entire life lmao.


Heres my LTD ED Metro GMP45. All NOS glass.

Ive got 2 x Mullard 10M 12AX7 Gold Pins in V1 x V2, and an NOS 57 Longplate Mullard mC2 12AX7, in V3. NOS Mullard Fat Base GZ34/5AR4 Rectifier.

2 NOS 1956 coated glass Marconi Osram KT66s

4 x 12 Pulsonic Cone 1972 G12H x 25 watt/75hz. x 2 Altec Lansing 418H x 2 x 1 x 12, Hemp Coned JBL E120s



And now for something completely different!
Here's mine. Gets gigged regularly, being a workhorse rather than a piece to gather dust and just be stared at.

Now that's what I'm talking about! If I owned a Offset I'd play her on a daily basis! Just one man's opinion, but what's the sense of owning a amp if you're not going to play it? :dunno


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We love them!
Alnico Tone Tubby original Hemp Cones are wonderful!

Germino Montery's with Open-Back Germino 4x12's.....
Will probably get another Classic-45 small-box head to set on top of these sometimes as well.....
Holy volume, Batman!!!!

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