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JTM45 transformers. Where?


I decided to build jtm45 clone with with old specs where possible. I just got all the Mustard caps and a bunch of AB resistors. I'm looking for the trannies (RS de luxe style) so I need a good clone of the Radiospare glorious output trans. I am quite informed about the best on the market but Merren and Manstran don't reply to my emails, Classic Tone has closed the activity, I didn't read good opinions about Mercury. Any advise about a brand that provides good trannies and is producing and selling (I'm in Italy)?


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Heyboer would be a candidate maybe? I like the punch and immediacy of my Friedman’s.


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I've tried a couple of different transformers in my jtm45 build and I've settled on the Heyboer ones built for Metro amps. They're a bit of a different spec but I'm very happy with them! Metro sells them through their website.

I didn't have a great experience with Merren. I'm sure he builds great transformers and many other people have had great experiences with him.
There's an Italian manufacturer, which I believe sell to TAD but do sell directly. They however build using bobbin construction and you're likely to be wanting paper layer.

There are paper layer trannies available from TAD, possibly made by Heyboer, but don't take my word for it.

You should be able to find Hammond transformers in Europe, most of which are paper layer construction. I bought these from Germany and the Netherlands.

I'd check out www.tubeampdoctor.com www.tube-town.net and www.jukebox-revival.eu

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