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Jtm45 Vs 18 Watt Tmb

I am looking at getting a new amp to handle some rock/hard rock style music. I have been playing an High-Octane, but the tone has become boring to my ears and just doesnt have that "grind" that I am looking for. I've heard clips of both and they both are close to what I am hearing in my head. Which do you guys think would be better suited?

I would more than likely build a custom cab for this using a closed back speaker cabinet and a Hellatone 30 or two. Which brings me to one more question as far as Attuenuators? Best Tone for the $$.



Silver Supporting Member
My choice is the ValveTech Original 50. You won't need an attenuator because it has a killer master Volume, does Killer crunch and grind, cleans up really well, and has a lead boost so no need for any pedals.

And here's the clincher...
Heads start at under a Grand!!

Completely hand wired pt to pt, a true ALL tube design.
Check the Reviews here on the Gear Page on the ToneFest, and feel free to call or email me for more details, I have 3 ValveTechs!

rbenegbi at tampabay dot rr dot com
Hey rick,
I just got your voicemail. Sorry I cant really answer while at work. Might you have any clips of this amp or know where there are any? Also, any close up shots of the controls?


Gold Supporting Member
I have both, they're awesome. Kinda similar too, after all, the 18watter is know as the baby bluesbreaker. I use the 18 watter more often but the JTM45 can do Allman Bros stuff better...
Originally posted by thevintagesound
... both are close to what I am hearing in my head. Which do you guys think would be better suited?...
What is the sound you're hearing? That would help! FWIW, in the JTM45 realm it's hard to beat the sound/quality/value of a Rockytop 45, IMO. I had a couple of Valvetechs that I didn't care much for, but neither was the 50 (they were the more fenderoid versions).


I have had some experience with these. Trinity will do you right, customize the preamp section of each channel for your playing style etc and deliver at a good price.


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