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Sold Juicebox Aspect Design Labs JBX-002 Pedalboard Power Supply; 9v, 18v, Sag, 9v AC, and Accessory AC! *LOWER PRICE*

TD Moyer

Silver Supporting Member

I love these power supplies so much that I have three of them! This is a backup unit I've held on to for years. It's in excellent working condition.


Open to trades, looking for pedals below but you never know;
  • Catalinbread Belle Epoch
  • Catalinbread Echorec
  • Catalinbread Talisman
  • MXR EP103 Echoplex Delay
  • Providence Anadime Chorus
  • Supro Tremolo

The JUICEBOX JBX-002 is the only unit of its kind to handle all three common FX voltages (9, 13.2, and 18 vdc) PLUS offer an isolated 9VAC output. The new JBX-002 has been totally re-engineered from the chassis to the transformer.

Features include:
  • Increased output isolation (4 isolated DC channels)
  • Isolated and fused 9VAC out @ 1amp (on back panel)
  • 1/3 width rack mount chassis (requires optional rack-mount kit)
Front Panel:
  • Two isolated 9vdc circuits each @ 450ma into 4 connectors (ISO 1 & 2)
  • One isolated 18 or 9VDC selectable (DIP switch) @ 200ma (ISO 3)
  • One isolated 13.2 or 9VDC selectable (DIP switch) @ 200ma (ISO 4)
  • Proprietary VBat circuit selectable in place of 13.2VDC output on ISO 4
  • LED indicators for power and voltage selection
Back Panel:
  • Detachable 3-prong power connection (cable not included)
  • Accessory AC outlet
  • Fuse-protected (1 AMP) 9VAC "wall-wart" eliminator
  • 8-pin connector for Remote Power function (JuiceBox™ Pro Model ONLY)
  • True toroidal transformer for clean, reliable power.
  • Configurable for either US or European power. (120VAC/60hz or 200-240VAC/50hz)
  • Internally fuse protected AC mains.
  • Detachable 3-prong IEC connector.
  • Provides 1A of the cleanest 9 vdc available.
  • Supplies an additional 200ma of both 18 and 13.2 vdc.
  • Connections for 10 pedals. (Easily expandable to 20 pedals with our Power Expansion Board.)
  • Single cable connection for dual battery 18vdc pedals.
  • 120VAC Accessory outlet (up to 10A)
  • Designed and built in the USA.
  • Dimensions: 1.52" tall x 5.75" wide x 6" deep
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.

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