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Just bought a 1957 Supro Dual tone! Now how do I keep it in tune..?


Hey! So here it is:

It plays pretty well but I am struggling with getting the thing to stay in tune..any tips on either part swaps or set-up tricks from you veterans of the Supro brand or otherwise?

Oh yeah - I should mention that these weird old fat single coils do sound pretty great.



Ah I was eyeing that one on ebay! Nice score, I love those old single coil pickups. For my Harmony H75 I used a pencil and just rubbed some graphite into the nut slots for each string. The graphite helps a bit with any tuning issues you might have at the nut (especially if you hear 'pinging' noises when tuning the guitar). Also, if you just got it in the mail, check to see if the previous owner put the strings on the guitar correctly. The strings are often put on the guitar poorly when I buy used.


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Yup, same way you keep ANY guitar in tune. Make sure the strings are properly wound on the posts, properly stretched, and that there are no "binding" areas in the nut or bridge. Set the intonation with the low and high "E" on those and it should be fine. Make sure the neck bolt is tight.

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