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Just got back from a Nashville recording session...AWESOME!


Did your son have much say on the direction of the demo, musically? Can you tell Brent Mason to play more or less? Did your son arrange the songs? I love the recording process. I'm sure it was very exciting. Best of luck to your son.
My son did most of the parts on his demos himself...he had some help from a friend of his. He arranged the demos himself but on these sessions got a little (not much) advice from the producer. I don't know about Brent as he was to add his parts remotely but my son did have some say about what he was looking for on a track. Don't know how close they stuck to the direction he suggested. However, these guys were all so nice I really don't think any egos would get in the way of taking directions.


I'm sure I would take advice from the producer too! I'm sure the demo is closer to final production quality, than "demo" quality. We'd love to hear it!

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