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Just installed my first Callaham Stratocaster Vibrato. GREAT!


Senior Member
It's everything everyone has been saying they are.
Wish I'd tried one a long time ago.

Worth the price just for the solid feel to the vibrato arm when it's screwed in. No more loose fit and rattling around.

I'm very impressed.

This one went into a customer's guitar, but I'd like to get one for my own Strat now.

And yes, I did set it up with claw slightly angled: the Carl Verheyen method.

Works for me. ;)


Has done terrible things for a klondike bar
Gold Supporting Member
After I installed one it was the first time I actually wanted to use the trem on a strat


Great product, but IMO not much of an upgrade any more over the stock terms in American made Strats. It used to be, but Fender has made such nice improvements in the stock terms on MIA Strats that I don't see any need to make a change. Older MIA's and MIM's are a totally different situation.

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