Just Parted Ways with my TSL 100


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I used it in the studio/jams for 7 years after buying it used. Best sounding amp I ever owned and my first tube Marshall. The footswitch was a POS, which I know they're known for and it didn't travel real well. Would get a little crackly if you shook it up too much. If I decide to get another amp of that caliber, I'm sold on the Metropoulos Metroplex. What a bad ass amp. How do you think it'd sound through my Marshall 1936 2x12?

Anyway, had to say goodbye to my Marshall - she was taking up too much room and I needed the space. Life's a bitch sometimes. I hope whoever bought it at the Amp Shop in West Palm Beach enjoys it as much as I did. I wish I didn't have to get a 100W head to get that kind of tone. Going to have to invest in another attenuator, as well, I guess.


Should sound awesome with that cab - Those G12T75s are geared towards that voicing. The simpler design of your new head should be a fun change from the feature heavy TSL.

With that Metropoulos, the only thing that would now change is the number of germanium-fuzzes I'd accumulate. With the MV control on that amp, I'd dial in a nice semi-grind that could clean up with volume knob and rip any number of fuzzes through it. I'm thinking you should be able to find good gigging volume tones with the amount of control those heads seem to have.



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I don't think that the Metroplex is really the same caliber as the TSL100. More like going from a pickup truck to a Corvette. Yeah, they both have V8's but they're not quite the same...

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