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Just Played The EGNATER REBEL 20- WOW!!


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The Gibson and the Rebel are nothing alike in circuit design or sound so that is not going to work.... The Gibson amps were pretty unique in the way they did things back then and consequently have their own sort of sound.

Hey i appreciate the fact that you would take the time and point out that i'm not going to get the same sound from this amp. That says a good deal about you and your company. If it's not inappropriate to do so, can i ask you if you know of any other amps that ARE similar in circuitry to my amp? Mine is one of the New "hand made" (probably by some middle age woman with a soldering gun lol) models they started making a couple years ago, and i assume they're similar to the older ones, but honestly i know absolutely nothing about circuits and all that.

I had planned on just chopping the cab of the amp itself as i'm only using it as a head anyways. i have already taken the speaker out to cut back on weight, but that sucker is built solid. i don't know if i could pry it apart with a crowbar, so i guess i'll just leave it all pretty and top heavy lol

Oh, and let me also add that this Amp in no way sucks, it's just not for me. I had thought about the tube change and realized there's only place in town to get tubes and the owner constantly tells me that it doesn't matter what brand of tube you buy, they're all made in the same factory and all sound just alike...........are you kidding me?!?!?! oh well


I thought about that earlier today. I went up to church and played for about 5 hours and adjusted everything a pretty good amount, and still couldn't find a tone i was happy with. I did like the tone better through my V30 Traynor Cab rather than the Egnater 1x12. I got somewhat in the vicinity of what i'm looking for, but it all still seemed too........not even sure......bright, maybe.
I had been playing this amp through a Gibson VOS R0, which I had dropped Sheptone alnico 5 pickups into. The neck pickup is on the dark side, and the bridge pickup bites without an abrasive brightness.

I played last night with a few other guitars. I had the Egnater going into a Marshall 2061cx. l played a Classic Custom (three pickup model with 57 Classics wired Frampton style), a 92 Classic with SD 59 Classic in the bridge and a SD Pearly Gates in the neck and another 92 Classic with Tim Shaws in the bridge and neck.

Both Classics sounded bright, and I found myself with the treble turned to about 10 O'Clock and the Bass turned to about 2 O'Clock before I liked the tone. I was goofing around later than I should have been, so by the time I plugged in the Classic Custom, I was using a Dr. Z Air Brake attenuator turned down to bedroom levels. This did not sound too good, but there was no way any guitar/amp combination was going to sound good choked down that low.

The pickups in my R0 are darker than the pickups in these other guitars, particularly the neck pickup. When I plugged the R0 in, I heard the familiar tone that I liked so much from this amp. That dark neck pickup sounds fantastic in this amp. I mean, really, really good. After playing other guitars through this amp, I agree that it's bright. It didn't seem as bright when I played it through a 1x12. I like the amp, but I see what you mean.


That's good to know, I've thought about picking up the matching cab but my TR and D13 cabs sound great with the amp. Are the Egnater cabs closed back and ported ?
Closed back and ported. I can't stop playing this thing even without any pedals!



I just went and got a Rebel and matching 1x12 cab and I am really excited about this little rig. I've read through the thread and saw where people said that it was too bright or too harsh or didnt have enough bass or only sounded good clean or only sounded good distorted, etc. I am happy to say, that is not what I took away from this amp.

I really like it just the way it is. The interactive controls/EQ are so slick I can get a warm/dark/chewy Marshall sound or shift to a aggressive/biting/modern metal sound. That to me that is rare in a single channel amp and is very slick, imo. Also on the clean side of the house, I can dial in as big a low end as I want which I love. I think I am just fortunate like that because the Egnater amp controls are always very intuitive to me and respond just as I expect they would. I had the same experience on my Mod50 head, the controls just made sense and shaped the tone exactly as I wanted them to.

I'm still very much in the honeymoon period, but just wanted to say wow I am really digging this amp. Can't remember being this fired up about an amp since the Mod50 which is my favorite channel switcher of all time.

Thanks again, Bruce for making such cool amps like that! This is another out of the park homerun, imo.
One great thing about the rebel and 1x12 cab is that it seems to be very forgiving in terms of tweakability. It doesn't take too long to dial in great tones between the amp controls, controls on the guitar, and the controls on whatever pedal you're using.

bruce egnater

CCS....I don't really know of aonther amp that would sound like your Gibson GA20RVT. Since it is basically a non-master amp with a fairly low gain preamp, the majority of your distortion and compression comes from the cathode biased 6V6 power amp. I hear the Budda 18 sounds really good. Also the Suhr Badger. Maybe some other players could suggest something for you.

Bruce Egnater



Not sure if you guys/girls are receiving the owners manual when you buy your amp. GC has a habit of forgetting to include those. There are some suggesting settings just for a staring point and other good info. You can download it at the link above.
I got mine as well as a single page talking about the tube mix sweet spot and about the noise associated with the wattage knob was normal. Which reminds me the packaging was very nice on these two items and the little gig bag for the head is just too cool.

The GC guys at the store near me were all fired up about this amp and directed folks to it. Seemed to be the talk of store amongst the guitar sales people. I went there to play Rebel, but fired up the Alchemist first and the salesguy walked over and say, "That's a cool amp, but have you checked out the Rebel-20? That is one cool amp."

I had an experience with it like someone mentioned in another post. I'm a very mediocre player yet while I was playing a guy walked up (better player than I) and said "Hey what is that you are playing through?" I told him about it and asked him if he wanted to check it out. He did.

It was nice to hear some other hands going through it as well to get an idea of what all it could do. At the end, he was kind of like I was the first time I played it a week back. Said something like, "I don't need another amp right now, but man thats a cool amp" He'll probably be back next weekend to get one too :)


Just played one at GC. It sounded great through a Mesa closed 2x12! Turning from the 6V6s to the EL84s was like a way overhead flight from California to England!


I spent a couple of more hours messing with the Rebel and cab today. It continues to just floor me from a bang for the buck perspective. I just can't get over how good this thing sounds for $600. ($509 with the 15% off discount)

Today I just focused dialing in the clean tone I'm planning on using on the gig this coming Sunday. My settings are:

Tube Mix: Noon
Watts: 20 watts
Master: Dimed
Treble: 9 (o'clock)
Mid: 11
Bass: Dimed
Gain: 10
Bright: On
Tight: Off

Using a Line6 X3Live into the front of the amp for effects only I added:

A little slapback delay
A tiny bit of small room reverb (seems weird, but sounds good)
Some Parametric EQ (Added a little 300hz and cut the high highs a bit)
All very subtle stuff really

The guitar I am using is a Tom Anderson Cobra set to the neck H1 humbucker split. Volume full, tone full and it sounds fantastic. The amp has a nice clean on its own, but these subtle effects really brought it to life for me. With the bright switch on and treble low, it adds a little chime to the sound. I used to the EQ to knock the hint of bothersome high end off and to add a little more round low end to it. Something about the mix of the delay and reverb almost gives it a chorus effect, but not quite. Really subtle. I played for quite a while just enjoying this tone.

Then just playing around I dialed in Line6's Tube Drive stomp pedal which is apparently modeled after a Chandler Tube Driver. On the Tube Drive model, I dimed the gain, put the drive around 75%, treble at 35% and bass around 55% and I couldn't believe how good it sounded. Usually I hate the sound of a OD pedal into a channel with the bright switch engaged, but I didn't find the harshness this time. Also I'm assuming the Line6 Tube Drive model is probably not topping any lists for great OD pedals either, but regardless this made for a great singing blues lead tone in the neck single coil position.

Rolling back the guitar volume to around 70% put it right in the SRV/Texas Flood territory. That brought back some memories. I haven't had an rig that could do that tone in some time. It was fun to play it. Then I dimed the guitar volume and switched to the bridge H3 humbucker and man that sounded great as well. Not quite as a good as the amp dialed in for a high gain tone by itself, but pretty dang close. It definitely made me wonder if I really need that two amp setup or not.

I know I have posted a lot about this amp lately and I am pretty fired up about it. I don't mean to make it out to be something its not. It's not the best amp in the world or anything. I do hear some of the ghost noting and other minor issues that Matte brought up in his post on the amp, but those are minor to me. There are more expensive amps out there that sound better for sure. It's not going to be replacing anyones multi-thousand dollar channel switchers or anything. But in the bang for the buck/well thought out/portable/small gig/home player department, I just haven't seen anything thats close to this thing.

I used to gig with a Egnater Mod50 and an oversized Bogner 2x12 cab. That rig definitely sounded better to me than this amp, but with the gig I have (church) it was just overkill. I had the MVs down low to appease the stage volume requirements and it just felt like I was wasting the rig a bit, so I sold it. But I always missed that setup afterwards. Then the Rebel and 1x12 cab come along at a fraction of that price and wattage and perfectly fits the bill for me again. I think that added to my overall happiness of the Rebel making it a smart, inexpensive, lower wattage solution that also let me reclaim of the old Egnater tones I have been missing. Add all that up and you can see why I am so excited about this amp.


Well, I've now had a chance to play 3 different Rebel heads through the same Egnater 1x12 cabs and they sound almost identical. One seems to have just slightly less volume on the same settings, but the tone is very similar. I would just chalk that up to power tube inconsistencies.

Seems like the quality control on these amps are very good so far. I felt like that was worth mentioning based on all the questions that come up about offshore built amps.


Jarrett, Can I ask where you got it for $509?
I used the two 15% coupons GC sent me in an email last week to get the head, 1x12 cab and a Line 6 JM4 Looper on Black Friday.

I called my buddy on Wednesday and when I walked in the door at 8 on Friday he had it all lined up next to the counter. Just sign and drive...

I know it's early in the honeymoon period, but I'm really digging this amp.


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