Just scored an all black TC SCF Chorus / Flanger....what can I expect?


OK, then I have the terminology wrong. It's an internal power supply difference?

FWIW-On my CIOKS I can select AC or DC taps for different pedals. I'm running my Retro Sonic Chorus using the 12V AC tap.


I've had mine since I bought it in the '80's (all black).
It's been on boards, it's been in the box for years at a stretch.
But...all sonic terms being subjective of course...
You said you expected 'warm analog' sound.
I'm not sure I'd really agree with that assumption.
Although I think you'll certainly like it, 'warm' wouldn't be my first term pick.
And yes yes yes to running it out in stereo.
Running stereo out on that thing is almost like having a whole 'nother effect.
Huge difference.


I had one for years (purple stripe circa 1994). Fantastic chorus. Pitch shifter was interesting. Flanger never really did it for me. Brilliant in stereo. Very good in mono. Low noise. Very warm.

I bought mine after watching Billy Cassis from Soul Hat coax all sorts of wonderful sounds out of one. But eventually, my preferences drifted away from chorus and I sold it.



I just got the unit and did a first run through.

First impressions:

- the chorus is deep warm sounding, I kind of miss the high end shimmer my Boss CH1 I had. It was still warm, but had that ethereal shimmer thing going in the upper register.

- the pitch shifter is brilliant. I can play all day long on this. This was a surprise. Never thought of using this!

- so is the flanger. Warm swirly tones, not a hint of that metallic crap in the high end, I get with digital choruses and flangers.

- the thing seems to be built like a tank for eternity. This is probably 30 years old and the pots are still 100% tight, the switch as well.

I think it is an awesome piece of equipment. I still may get a Boss as well. It just sounds slightly different.

Unfortunately I don't have a second amp at present to try it in stereo.

My biggest complaint about this pedal:
the neoprene on the bottom! Man this pedal is already vintage and this **** on the bottom is really dry, it just rubles off and produces black gunk all over the place! I will have to scratch this crap off completely.

On a side note: I have a TC Nova System, the flanger and chorus is complete junk compared to this. Forget digital!


will post a small demo vid in a few days when I get a chance. Played through a Fender BD and a Strat Plus.

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have had Boss CH-1s and CE-3s before, cost about half the price of this TC.

What can I expect with the TC SCF Chorus? Looks like Eric Johnson has been using one for ages, so it must be a good analog warm tone. And this is exactly what I am after.

Anyone has or has had one of these???

Is there a difference between the all black one and the one with the purple stripe?

I just got a new TCF Gold one from Sweetwater and it quit working with in 10 minutes . BUMMER

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