Just wanted to say HEY!


I'm a bassist-guitarist-singer from Austin, TX.

I mostly use stuff that is practical for what I do (covers), so I'm a bit of a modeling devotee. I firmly believe that people who get ass tone out of modelers don't know how to use them properly.

I love tube amps - I love that tactile response. I'm a big fan of AC30s and old Fenders, as well as good Marshalls. I have a great fondness for the Marshall 1974X reissue, and I'd own one if I had a reason to. I also adore the Bogner Ecstasy (though it's way more than I'll ever need).

But mostly I use Line 6 PODs (XT, Bass PODxt, and X3 Live) and a fully-upgraded Line 6 Vetta (first generation) combo. It works for what I do, and gives me all the tones I need for live performance. Plus the PODs are completely unobtrusive and work great with a good PA system. And they weigh five pounds, which is nice...

I look forward to lurking for a while and getting into what this place is all about, and then participating. Peace!


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